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Beara Peninsula, West Cork

So our first and only “proper” getaway of 2020 was to the Beara Peninsula in West Cork, and it did not disappoint. Amidst stunning weather and narrowly missing the abrupt Covid changes we were so thrilled and grateful to steal away for these few days at the end of the year and New Years Eve.

For those wanting to see West Cork, you wouldn’t want to miss this!

We also have videos but the current WordPress plan is being a stickler for hosting space. We might look at doing something about that in future, but in the meantime will try to send some around to ye. 😊

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Amazing! So unAussie! I need a detailed map of Ireland though, to immerse myself in. LOVE maps and armchair travel. I think I would even love the weather! Thanks Simon and also loved every word of Aoife’s Xmas letter. Love always from Nana & GD.

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