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July and August

We are now both doses down with the Pfizer vaccine and made short work of putting our newfound liberty to use, with assistance from Rob J.

This will be a short post as I/we’re pretty wrecked having been up and back from Dublin today to see the GAA Hurling semi-finals, where Cork beat Kilkenny 37-32 after some nail biting comebacks and going into extra time. Even from the nosebleeds and with less than half the stadium’s capacity you can see the atmosphere of the place!

Shot 1 – about 3 weeks ago
Shot 2 – It was a hairy 24-48hrs for me but Aoife was mostly fine
The final 30 secs of the match. You’ll barely see the sliotar (ball) from the phone video and also due to us being up in the nosebleeds but suffice to say the (mostly Cork) crowd was thrilled for the win, us included!

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Wonderful to hear from you both. We’ve had our first shot so far, Queensland/Australia is not very quick with the vaccinations. You both look so well. Are you back to work. We have just come out of a 14 day lockdown so we’ll soon see if that was too early or not. Russell & Maddison are still working but my job has been made redundant so looking for another job. Bloody Lutherans. New committee and they had to reinvent the wheel. Restructure now they have 2 people doing my job with longer hours, Sigh…. James is doing well he’s in grade 2 this year and is coming up to his birthday at the end of August a big 8 year old. He is such a lovely boy a real sweetie, we have something special going on. He occasionally asks me “Nonna can we have rough play” I say O.K. but don’t hurt Nonna to bad. Well he turns into this Incredible Hulk Boy all arms and legs twisting & turning no holds barred, I’m laughing so much I loose all strength and just give up. It’s so bloody funny. Rhys is also good, still jumping off the side of buildings.
The Hurling looks like a decent crowd, would be great to see. What is the travel like in Ireland, we can still only travel within Queensland.
Great to hear from you both, let’s keep up the chat.
Love & kisses to you both
Fiorina and the Gang

Hey Fee, it’s wonderful to hear from you too! We’ve heard about the shit show back home, hopefully they can get vaccines to all Godebyes ASAP. Travel here is starting to open back up as of a few weeks ago, and we now have our eu covid certificates which is a vaccine passport of sorts for the time being, and great news nonetheless. Hopefully we can catch a break to somewhere soon. It’s quite expensive to travel around the country here atm and with limited options, but is starting to be possible again. That’s great to hear about James and gosh, what a little warrior! I can’t believe he’s so big. Yes let’s keep up the chat. Sending all our love to you and the gang back home.

Good to hear you are both making the most of everything. Just having my first dose. It is an interesting world these days going in and out of lockdown. Enjoy. Look forward to your next update. Belinda

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